Gale Hawthorne | 17 | Muggle Born | Seventh Year | Slytherin | Liam Hemsworth | OPEN

Gale was forced to grow up far too fast. At age 12, his father was killed in a mining accident and, as the oldest child, he took on the role as head of his family. Gale has an excellent eye for balance and intricacy, so, as often as he could, he would sneak into the woods to hunt illegally, keeping his family afloat. Gale has never believed that his father was killed by accident, he grew up suspicious of the oppressive Capitol and especially of the Hunger Games. Stemming from this, he was apprehensive of all organised institutions. Therefore, Gale’s Hogwarts acceptance letter was turned into kindling to warm that evening’s stew. Even if it was a real place, it wouldn’t do him any good, learning magic tricks whilst his siblings starved. He was much more useful in Twelve where he could keep his family from starving. During the Summer of 2010, Gale into Katniss Everdeen who was also hunting in the woods to provide for her family after her father died in that same explosion. For almost the entire holiday, they were wary of each other, but as the end was drawing closer, so did they. Finally, Katniss confessed that she went to Hogwarts and regularly sent food back to her mother and sister. After a lot of thought, Gale decided to go, he trusted Katniss’ judgment, and it was an opportunity to spend time with his new best friend. 

Gale is very good looking with dark chestnut hair and grey, Seam, eyes. He has a personality like wildfire and often loses himself in anger when talking about the Capitol. He’s fiery and strong willed; he doesn’t think, he acts. Not going into the woods to hunt for food was never an option. For Gale, survival is key. However, at Hogwarts, he’s been able to let loose a little, taking back snippets of the childhood he never had. He gets on well with everyone in his house and has pursued in filling his mind with dark magic, he will do anything to get rid of Snow.

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